sash window repairs


‘We Repair Any Sash’ specializes in Hardwood Oak double and single glazed windows. Our professional joiners efficiently manufacture and install complete

 sash window replacements

including box frames using slim glazing units which enable us to manufacture sashes using traditional carpentry methods with ‘through’ or ‘solid’ glazing bars. At ‘We Repair Any Sash’ we are committed to manufacture all types and brands of windows and sash replacement. We are offering a wide variety of casement window sash, new sash windows and wood window sash replacement to fit all brands in standard sizes as well as special orders at no additional cost.

Another feature that makes us apart from different services is that, we prefer to treat parts of a window frame in completely professional way against decay fungi (rot) and wood destroying organisms and primed. So if you are looking to buy new sash windows, or even want double hung window repair solutions, then it’s the best opportunity to choose sash window replacement solutions that can offer you weather stripped materials in feasible sash window costs.

What we offer:

We can efficiently offer you comprehensive wooden sash window replacement service in London. Our services include work in the following categories:

  • Our manufacturers can efficiently replace your damaged Sash frames with their new matching sashes. We also tend to replicate the style of molding, now whether it is a Quad molding, Ovolo or Lambs Tongue. So if your sashes are awning sashes, double hung sashes and casement ones, we can help you provide everything under one roof in cost effective rates.
  • Complete window replacement: We even primarily work with wooden window frames, and we also replace window glass and can efficiently repair your window that will work simply by replacing the damaged window hardware like hinges, locks, winders, spiral balances, stays catches and window cords.
  • Sash window restoration: Generally we prefer to remove rot and repair the overall window frame, so that we just need to replace all the window sash frames. And therefore saving the overall expense of replacing the window with a new one.

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